Israel out of order due to snowstorm

Israel must be the only country in the world being totally unable to deal with a snowstorm. In previous decades, it only snowed every five years or so. Mainly in Jerusalem. Snow was extremely rare and when it finally snowed for one day, buses stopped running, shops remained closed and everybody was just enjoying this one day of snow.
However, within the past two years, the weather situation seems to have changed. Since February 2013, it has been snowing every winter. In 2015, even twice. Or, at least, the present weather report is predicting the second time for this evening. In other words, snow has turned into a troublemaker. It is bothering us in our daily routine because when it snows, everything will be turned upside down. No one is going to work, no buses, no public life. This can turn out to be very depressive. 🙂
To make a long story short: The weather forecast is predicting another snowstorm. This afternoon or early evening, the snowstorm is supposed to start and everyone is freaking out. There are even Youtube videos and other updates from the Pikud Ha’Oref (Home Front Command). One may think that a snowstorm is worse than a war. 🙂
Public institutions such as schools and libraries are due to close at 12 or 1 pm today. Depending on the weather conditions. Why ? Because, as soon as it starts snowing, buses will stop running.
Yesterday, chains were put on ambulance tires but the worst nightmare is begins when the power is gone. It really looks like a third world country. Every winter anew, municipality and government are facing the same challenges and are unable to deal with them. Israel is such a hightech and advanced country but when it comes to smaller things, we are really screwed.

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