Aliyah / Germany / Rabbi Scandals

German Rabbis asking Jews not to leave Germany


Photo: Miriam Woelke

Just recently I read a brief report on German Rabbis asking their community members to stay in Germany. Despite all kinds of threats from Neo – Nazis and, in particular, from radical Muslims. Israelis usually refer to this as follows: German Jews have learned absolutely nothing. If they prefer Muslim terror and German radical leftists, it is their problem. 
But what is the reason that German Rabbis are asking German Jews not to make Aliyah ? The answer is rather simple: The more members a German Jewish community has, the higher the Rabbi’s salary. In addition to his salary, the Rabbi receives further allowances for Jewish holidays. Rabbis working in Germany receive an extremely high salary. No matter whether they are real Rabbis or just someone who hardly made it through a rabbinical seminary. 
So, just imagine, German Jews decided to leave Germany in groups. Hundreds or even more. The Rabbi’s salaries would shrink and they may even become unemployed. In Israel, we have hundreds of Rabbis standing at each corner. Rabbis working in Germany are highly respected in Germany but, here in Israel, they are just one of many. 

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