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Jerusalem: “Non – kosher restaurants don’t always mean Success !”

Photo: Miriam Woelke


It has become a real fashion to open non – kosher restaurants in Jerusalem. One of the main justifications for doing so is: Young secular Jerusalem residents will eventually leave town and move to Tel Aviv because the capital doesn’t offer anything to do for the younger generation. On Shabbat, most cafes and restaurants are closed and more and more secular Jews are fed up.
Wrong, as a formerly non – kosher place is proving. The building in downtown King George has been turned into a new cafe or restaurant over and over again. One owner didn’t make it, so the next one came and also went bankrupt. Always not kosher and open on Shabbat because the owners thought that the place would be packed with locals and tourists. Even bacon and eggs were offered for breakfast. Nevertheless, the place was always empty and thus didn’t make any money.
Now the Alfredo chain is moving in. Kasher Mehadrin !

2 thoughts on “Jerusalem: “Non – kosher restaurants don’t always mean Success !”

  1. B”H

    That’s true but Cafe Joe doesn’t enjoy the best reputation. I think it was even the branch you are talking about where employees were having a big fight with the owner. It was about not paying salaries etc.

    There was another Cafe Joe further down in Keren Hayessod but they also closed a while ago. The price were just ridiculous. 18 Shekels for a tiny cup of milk coffee (Hafuch).

    I have never heard about Alfredo but, in my opinion, this whole building is just ugly and should be demolished. 🙂

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