G - d / Purim

Purim and G – d acting in hidden ways

In all the previous years I wrote plenty of articles about Purim. On this Shearim WordPress blog as well as on the former Shearim blog on Blogger.  For the past two weeks, I have been reading a lot about Purim. Commentaries, various books as well as Talmud Megillah. 
The most important Mitzvah on Purim is hearing the Megillah (Megillath Esther – the Book of Esther). However, Halacha as well as Kabbalah (the Arizal and Rabbi Chaim Vital in Sha’ar HaKavanot) state that there are two additional Mitzvot: Mishloach Manot (presents) and Matanot Le’Evyonim – presents for the poor. Those of you who are interested in the Megillah, here is a Link !
Purim is much more than a Jewish festival where people dress up and get drunk. I hate this freaking out and yelling around. Probably because I don’t drink. There used to be a custom in Mea Shearim that, after the Megillah reading on Erev Purim, women hurry back to their homes because the guys are running around drunk. My guess is that this custom still exists. 
In a previous article I wrote about how everything in the Megillah is hidden. G – d’s name doesn’t even appear once in the entire Megillath Esther. Moreover, the main characters seem to act in hidden ways. Haman wants to kill all the Jews and Esther and Mordechai are trying to prevent the extermination of the Jewish people. Esther’s real name was Hadassah and the roots of the word hint to NISTAR (hidden). What Purim shows us is how G – d acts in His own hidden ways. There is no need for public miracles. He runs the world and all humans in mysterious ways. All the small things in our daily lives we don’t even notice. This is because we are waiting for big miracles such as the Exodus etc.
Purim is also the time where anti – Semites like to crawl out of their holes. Radical Muslims as well as the right and the left. Not to forget all those Christian missionaries who are trying to destroy Jewish souls. Nothing has changed until today. Nevertheless, it is a joyful holiday showing us that G – d will protect the Jews and know how to deal with anti – Semites.

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