Election campaign clip: YAHADUT HA’TORAH

The Ashkenazi haredi Knesset party YAHADUT HA’TORAH (Belzer, Gerrer, Vishnitzer, etc. Chassidim as well as Litvaks) is trying to get secular Jews voting for them. The clip shows a secular couple being worried about the right health insurance for the child. Yahadut Ha’Torah chairman Yaakov Litzman (Chassidut Gur) appears and is telling them about the positive changes in the health system when he served as deputy health minister.



There is a temptation voting for Eli Yishai and Baruch Marzel but I am almost certain that I will stick with Yahadut Ha’Torah. Not because I totally agree with them but there is just no one else to vote for. Bibi and Bennett are being paid off by Christian missionaries and most other parties have a leftist agenda and love Palestinians more than Jews. Unfortunately, Aryeh Eldad is not running for the Knesset this time because, otherwise, I would vote for him.

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