Events / Jerusalem Old City

Two events in Jerusalem this week: “Sound Festival and Jerusalem Marathon”

The weather in Jerusalem looks like spring has finally arrived but don’t get carried away by the sun and warm temperatures. Now it is still nice outside but in the middle of this week, winter is coming back and temperature is going down from 23 to 14 degrees Celsius. And there will be more rain. 🙂
However, tonight the Sound Festival starts in the Old City of Jerusalem. I am not sure whether I should enter the Muslim Quarter because it could be a security risk. The Arabs are freaking out again and two nights ago, a Palestinian youth gang came with hammers and smashed a lot of car windows just outside my door. This is not the only incident but Jews get attacked all over Jerusalem. No, there is nothing to be scared about and don’t stop walking around or visiting the city. This is just what the Arabs want.
I have never been to the Sound Festival and tonight will be my first time. You can see all the details HERE and yes, the entrance is free of charge ! 🙂
The second event taking place this week is the Jerusalem Marathon. The weather forecast predicts 15 degrees Celsius and no rain. 🙂 The annual marathon usually starts very early on a Friday the morning and and don’t need to walk far in order to get an impression. I live close to Derech Hebron Street and the participants are going to run through this street up to the Promenade (Tayelet).

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