Anti - Zionism / Haredim / Knesset / Mea Shearim

Knesset elections & anti – Zionism

Photo: Miriam Woelke
Tomorrow, Israel is electing a new Knesset. To be precise: It will be the 20th Knesset since the foundation of the present State of Israel in 1948.
I wrote quite a few articles on ANTI – ZIONISM in the past and I am going to link to two important articles further down !
When outsiders talk or write about anti – Zionism, they easily end up in prejudiced thoughts. Journalists are looking for sensations and don’t want to dig deeper into the subject. Let alone into Talmudic sources. 
“Today, anti – Zionism stands for stupid fundamentalists who dress and live like in the Middle Ages !”
This is the widespread opinion of the masses.
On the one hand, I can understand Jewish anti – Zionists because I learned about various reasons and sources. However, on the other hand, it is hard to understand this one particular Passuk in the Talmud when there are other Psukim (on the same Daf, as well as the previous and next Daf) stating exactly the opposite. I just remind you of Ramban’s famous commentary.
Although Chabad follows a strictly anti – Zionist policy (similar to Satmar), the Lubavitchers are going to participate in tomorrow’s elections. However, I don’t know whether this only concerns the Ba’alei Teshuva movement or also the old Chabad movement still speaking Yiddish.
Haredim such Vishnitz, Gur, Belz, Boyan or Litvaks, who are also going to participate in the elections were rather upset when Chabad Israel announced that their Chassidim won’t vote for Yahadut HaTorah. In general, the Gerrer or Belzer Rebbe are telling their Chassidim to vote for Yahadut HaTorah. Various Chabad leaders, however, told their Chassidim to vote for the Likud instead. 
Offices, ministries, banks, post offices, etc. will be closed on election day. The buses are running and cafes and restaurants will be open. For Israelis it is a vacation day and many people will go hiking or traveling around. In Mea Shearim, most shops will be open and kids are going to school. It is very important to note that many Haredim are participating in the elections and only a smaller group of anti – Zionists doesn’t.
On the other hand, I know secular Jew who also don’t vote tomorrow. The reason is that they don’t see why they should vote. Everything will remain the same, no matter who is running the country. Most election results end up in coalition fights. Who is joining whom and very soon, the ordinary citizen will be forgotten. Politicians want power and financial benefits. The bigger the car and the iPhone, the more corrupt do they get.
The Talmudic reason for anti – Zionism
Chabad and it’s anti – Zionism

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