Pessach – Mazzot & Seder Night

Israel doesn’t only mean politics these days. Okay, Netanyahu won the elections and now the country is  facing a lot of coalition negotiations but our main focus should be on the upcoming Pessach (Passover). This Shabbat, we don’t only read Parashat Vayikra in the Synagogues but also the Parashat HaChodesh. Moreover, this Shabbat is also Rosh Chodesh NISSAN, the beginning of the Jewish month Nissan. 
After I went to vote yesterday morning, I didn’t think about the ongoing elections until the first results were published last night. During the day I went to Chabad – Lubavitch to pick up the 2 kg handmade Mazzot I had ordered. 



Photo: Miriam Woelke

This year, the Seder night is going to be on an Erev Shabbat. Those of you living in the Diaspora are facing two Seder nights. I am glad I only have one. 🙂 
When I picked up my Mazzot yesterday, the Chabad Shaliach, Rabbi Goldberg, asked me where I am going to spend the Seder. Then he tried to persuade me to come to Chabad. 🙂 Actually I had other plans but then Rabbi Goldberg started Chabad talk and got me into it. In the end, I signed up and paid quite an amount of money. Chabad is asking for a contribution of 250 Shekels for the Seder night. 
After a couple of years, I am again going to participate in a large Chabad Seder. This is not really what I wanted but never mind now. I paid and now I am going. 🙂

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