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Photo: Miriam Woelke
Besides the regular Torah reading, Parashat VAYIKRA, this Shabbat, we also read an additional Parasha called “Parashat HaChodesh”. And if this isn’t enough: We are also celebrating Rosh Chodesh NISSAN (the beginning of the month of Nissan). Plenty of holiness !
Next week will be SHABBAT HA’GADOL, the Great Shabbat before Pessach (Passover). In other words, Pessach is right around the corner. 🙂
Parashat HaChodesh consists of a few paragraphs taken from Parashat BO: Exodus (Sefer Shemot) 12:1 – 20 which are dealing with the Pessach laws. 
This week’s Shabbat starts tomorrow evening at 5.14 pm and ends on Saturday night at 6.28 pm. The times are only referring to Jerusalem ! However, those of you keeping Rabbeinu Tam are ending their Shabbat at 7.08 pm.

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