Food / Pessach

Noodles & Kneidelach kasher le’Pessach

Photo: Miriam Woelke


Photo: Miriam Woelke


Photo: Miriam Woelke


I don’t want to make advertising for kasher le’Pessach food manufacturers. My only intention is to show you that, nowadays, a Jew doesn’t have to be without noodles or Kneidelach on Pessach. 
The noddles on the above photos are made from potato flour and thus kasher le’Pessach (kosher for Passover). The Kneidelach are made from Mazzeh flour.
However, I have to add that Kneidelach are referred to as GEBROCHTS during Pessach because they consist of Mazzeh flour and, in addition to that, may be boiled in a soup. National religious as well as many Litvaks don’t see a Chametz problem in this and love having their Mazzeh ball soup at the Seder. Chassidim, on the other hand, are extremely “makpid” and don’t eat any kind of Gebrochts. 
I bought the Kneidelach in order to eat them either before or after Pessach but not on the holiday itself. For many years, I have been keeping the custom not to eat Gebrochts and don’t miss a Kneidelach soup at the Seder. 🙂

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