Pessach – Passover 5775 / 2015 in Jerusalem

Photo: Miriam Woelke
2014: Burning of the last Chametz (Bi’ur Chametz) in Nachlaot / Jerusalem


Don’t ask me why, but this year I am not in the mood at all to write about Pessach. Could be that I am too busy cleaning now and thus slowly getting fed up. : -)
No, I think the reason is that I am too busy writing and researching other topics and projects. In the past I wrote quite a lot about Pessach and those of you who are interested may read here:
Nevertheless, I still want to list various Pessach preparations dates taking place this week: 
This Thursday evening is Bedikat Chametz (the search for the last Chametz in the house). Friday morning is Bi’ur Chametz (the burning of the last Chametz). In Jerusalem, this should take place until 11.24 am. 
According to Ashkenazi sources, the last Chametz may be eaten until Friday morning 10.06 am. Sephardi Jews follow a different custom and I don’t know their specific time. 
Friday evening, Shabbat and Pessach begin at the same time. Candle lighting in Jerusalem is at 6.24 pm. After Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv, the Pessach Seder is taking place. 
The following day is Shabbat as well as the first day of Pessach. Jews should not forget to count the Omer !
Shabbat and the first day of Pessach end at 7.37 pm on Saturday night. Rabbeinu Tam is at 8.18 pm !
Starting on Sunday, thousands of Jews from all over the country and all over the world are expected to visit the Kotel (Western Wall) in the Jewish Quarter (Old City). Unfortunately I have to say that many Jews may find themselves locked out at Jaffa Gate, as the police are temporarily closing the entrance gate to the Old City. Why ? Because the Christians are celebrating Easter and the Armenians have a crazy custom: Blowing bagpipes and making a procession. It is a disgrace that Jews are being locked out due to an idol – worship “holiday”.
My guess is that the traditional Bircat HaCohanim (Blessing of the Cohanim) is taking place on Monday morning during Shacharit. However, I am not sure yet but will keep you up – to – date ! 
Most Pessach Seders are taking place in privately. Chabad is offering community Seders but they have to be booked and paid for in advance. The Machlis – Family is never celebrating Pessach at home and thus their house will remain closed. 
Ministries and Municipalities are closed during Pessach. Banks and post offices are open half day. Shops are open and buses are running as usual. 
I am going to continue with my cleaning because I want it done as soon as possible. And, believe me, I am not looking forward to any further cleaning. 🙂

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