Africans in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv: “Illegal African trying to rape Israeli woman”

Photo: Miriam Woelke

Illegal Africans at the Levinsky Park / Tel Aviv


Do we Israelis have to suffer from thousands of criminal illegal Africans ?
This video of a security camera is shocking Israelis

Leftists always find excuses for the 50,000 illegal Africans living in Tel Aviv. Almost all of them are located around the old and new Central Bus Station. When you walk around there, you think that you are in Africa and not in Tel Aviv ! Drugs, anti – Semitic shouts at Jews, prostitution, theft or rape … Don’t take your smartphone out of your pocket when there is an African around !

This rape attempt cannot be called an “exception” or a “single case” but this happens in Tel Aviv on a daily basis. Some Africans even tried to rape Israeli children.

All Africans should get deported now. Back to Africa where they belong !

Further details on the attempted rape HERE !


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