Fed up with Cleaning

I am soooo fed up with cleaning for Pessach and complained to a friend a short while ago. She told me that she will play the little violin for me. So, I am not complaining anymore. 🙂
But I am still fed up !!!
This Monday I went to Chabad in order to sell my Chametz. What really surprised me was that I had to do the Kinyan by holding up the smartphone of the Rabbi. 🙂 In previous years I was holding up a pen and this time his smartphone. I just found this a bit funny.
One of my blog readers sent me this link about Pessach being an extremely expensive holiday:
This is true but I still prefer Osher Ad and, as much as I can, avoid going to Rami Levi. Most Osher Ad prices are more reasonable and one of the reasons why I do go to Rami Levi sometimes are the original Arab coffee – Kasher le’Ramadan 🙂 and the cheap cat food.
By the way, today I bought cat food kasher le’Pessach ! Not at Rami Levi but at the pet shop chain Jungle Club. The Friskies kasher le’Pessach were the same price as usual.
Most of my cleaning is done and I will finish tomorrow night. The biggest project is still the fridge. Besides shopping at Osher Ad.

3 thoughts on “Fed up with Cleaning

  1. Shalom Myriam

    I recomend to you listen the shiurim about Pessah from Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller!!You will leat ,leat understand and change your atitude about cleaning for Pessah.(at

    Pessach Koshaer Sameah !Sarah

  2. lol miriam so many of us are tired already to thats funny about ur friend and the violin hehe,,,i started a little yesterday and tomorow i will finish the bedroom,,,when you have a two year old who thinks food has wings and can fly when he doesnt want to eat,,,trying to clean all those little chometz is a nightmare for me lol,,,,,if i dont see you before pesach sister,,chag pesach sameach,,,,love sophia

  3. B”H

    @ Sarah

    Maybe I should have done this ! 🙂

    @ Sophia

    I can just imagine … With little kids and smearing food all over, cleaning for Pessach is a nightmare. And afterwards it is only a matter of time until it gets messed up again. 🙂

    By the way, it is the same with pets. 🙂

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