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Pessach 2015 – Impressions from Jerusalem

I am enjoying the Pessach holiday. 🙂 Not too much by going on trips but rather by sitting my balcony. 🙂 Weather is warm and perfect but this will only last until Thursday. Starting on Friday, winter will be back with rain and 12 degrees Celsius only. 
This morning I made it to the Kotel (Western Wall). Not too the Bircat HaCohanim (Blessing of the Cohanim) because I didn’t want to meet the crowds. However, when I got to the Old City, the masses were around. So many people and everything is packed.
Most cafes and restaurants in the Jewish Quarter are closed due to Pessach. Some burger places are open but everything is expensive and a rip – off. Food kasher le’Pessach is three times as expensive as normal. At least in the Jewish Quarter.
What was also missing where restrooms. The two public toilets I know were either closed or a construction site. This is one of the reasons why I left early. 🙂 Baruch HaShem, I don’t live too far away from the Old City. Other people are not that lucky and when you need a toilet, you are screwed. Unless you decide using the dirty portable ones near Dung Gate. 
What else is new ? A lot of crazy Christians are still around and be aware of missionaries ! I saw a Christian woman sitting and begging for money near the Dung Gate. It is unbelievable. Many Christians from all over the world come to Israel with hardly any money. Israel is expensive but a tourist should, at least, bring some money in order to sleep in a hostel dorm and eat. Many Christians pay for their ticket and that’s about it. A cheap hostel dorm and for food, they go to the “Jewish people”, as they call us. Exactly the same happened at the Chabad Seder where I was last Friday night. Plenty of Christians walked in and stuffed themselves for free. Well, at least most of them were honest but I had a German woman at my table who pretended to be Jewish. It was so obvious that she was a fake. In the end, I left the Seder after the second cup because I couldn’t face it anymore.
Here are a few photos I took today:


Photo: Miriam Woelke



Photo: Miriam Woelke



Photo: Miriam Woelke
Left: The Mount of Olives with the Jewish cemetery.



Photo: Miriam Woelke



Photo: Miriam Woelke



Photo: Miriam Woelke



Photo: Miriam Woelke



Photo: Miriam Woelke
 Cafe Aroma at the Hadar Mall in Talpiyot / Jerusalem: Food kasher le’Pessach ! The Borekas are made of potato flour.


Photo: Miriam Woelke

Excavations around the Old City walls


Photo: Miriam Woelke



Photo: Miriam Woelke



Photo: Miriam Woelke



Photo: Miriam Woelke



Photo: Miriam Woelke
The Kotel (Western Wall) Plaza and the Dome of the Rock



Photo: Miriam Woelke
Far right: The grey roof of the Al Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount



Photo: Miriam Woelke

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