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Winter is Back

Photo: Miriam Woelke
Jerusalem last week: Near the Mamilla Mall
Pessach is over and tomorrow, we are returning to our daily routine. I enjoyed a very quiet holiday but my cat got sick. However, I couldn’t make it to the vet yet because Jerry decided to fight the carrier. She is ill but when it comes to going into the carrier, we are having a mess and she is putting her claws out. 
I spoke to the vet and if the situation is not better by tomorrow morning, I will have to take her. No matter how. And I am not looking forward to that.
Pessach was almost over when the bad winter weather returned. Today we only had rain and it was a Shabbat where you either read or slept. More rain is supposed to come and tomorrow we may even have thunderstorms. It is cold, wet and windy.
Tonight all bakeries are working nightshift and tomorrow morning we are going to have fresh bread.

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