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Parashat TAZRIA – METZORA – פרשת תזריע מצורע

Photo: Miriam Woelke
View over Jerusalem
This week’s Parasha is Tazria – Metzora. Actually two Torah readings, to be precise. Here, the Torah is teaching us how a human can become tameh (impure) through another human being. Parashat Metzora teaches us the purification process.
The Torah was teaching before how a human can become impure by touching an impure animal. The Talmud actually provides us a list of impure animals. Now I am only remembering that a lizard was part of this list. Pure or impure, I have no desire of touching a lizard anyway. 🙂
First, the Torah teaches about humans reaching an impure status by touching specific dead animals and only then the Torah teaches about humans getting impure through other humans. Why the animals first ? Because G – d created the animals before humans. Even a cockroach was created before us. 🙂 And this should teach us not to be arrogant but always keep in mind that animals were here before us.
In Jerusalem, Shabbat starts at 6.33 pm tomorrow evening and ends on Saturday night at 7.48 pm. Rabbeinu Tam is at 8.27 pm.
Talmud Niddah on creation of a person

2 thoughts on “Parashat TAZRIA – METZORA – פרשת תזריע מצורע

  1. B”H

    But just do not forget that this is the reading only in Israel ! For the rest of the world it is still Shemini, due to 8th day of Pesach last Shabat. I heard that only by Chukat-Balak we will catch up.
    Shabat Shalom.

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