EGGED / Holocaust / Terror

Palestinian Egged Bus Driver mocking Holocaust Memorial Day

You probably won’t hear about this disgusting incident in the media outside Israel:
Last Thursday, Israel was commemorating the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust. On Yom Hashoah, there is always a nationwide siren sound at 10 am, where people stand still and buses and cars stop. Palestinians usually don’t do anything and ignore the siren. I don’t have a problem with this because we all know about their Holocaust denial. 
However, what an Palestinian Egged employee did to his Jewish passengers is a reason to fire him. But, as I know Egged, nothing will happen because we have to be so terrible liberal. Even towards Arab terrorists ! In my opinion, no Israeli company should employ any Palestinian.
When the sirens went off, the Palestinian bus driver turned his Arab music on and forced the Jewish bus passengers to listen to this nonsense:


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