Death in Judaism / Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan

Comforting words on the subject of DEATH

Photo: Miriam Woelke
Tonight and tomorrow, Israel is commemorating it’s fallen soldiers and terror victims. The famous Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan once wrote about DEATH in his book ENCOUNTERS:
G – d is aware of every single thing that exists in our minds. So, when a person dies, is G – d forgetting everything ?
In G – d’s memory, the human personality can still maintain it’s identity. It can remain active. This is what we call a human soul. And this is what lives on, even after a person dies.
Just recently I read somewhere that, as long as there are people remembering someone who died, this person will continue to exist. Exist in the past. 
Unfortunately I cannot quote the entire passage from the book because I don’t remember the book title. However, as soon as I find the particular book and page, I am going to name the source on this blog. 

2 thoughts on “Comforting words on the subject of DEATH

  1. In humourous vein, Harry Harrison dealt with the concept of people existing as long as they are remembered. A sci-Fi book – The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World, I think.

  2. B”H

    Believe it or not: I was trying to make up a story where people are officially dead but continued living somewhere else. In a different world. Sounds like the Twilight Zone, doesn’t it ? 🙂

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