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Desecrating G – d’s Names

The famous book DERECH HASHEM – THE WAY OF G – D by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (the RAMCHAL) is being taught in almost every Yeshiva. If not THE WAY OF G – D, then definitely the Ramchal’s other book THE PATH OF THE JUST. The two books teach us a lot about Jewish principles. One of the basic priciples in Judaism is that G – d is ONE and that He created everything existing. G – doesn’t depend on nature because it was Him creating it. 
In THE WAY OF G – tt 3:2:5, the Ramchal teaches that G – d desired to be called by a Name. Through His Name, His handiwork could be aware of Him and call Him, and also bring themselves close to Him by uttering it. 
As a matter of fact, G – d has a variety of Names and each Name represents a different G – dly force. G – d influences, reacts and acts in different ways and these ways are represented by His Names. All Names are written in Hebrew letters. Various Names we don’t pronounce but when we need to say them, they are only pronounced in a different way: e.g. A – do – na – i instead of Yud – Heh – Vav – Heh.
In the days of the Second Temple, Names were still used and pronounced but this changed after the destruction by the Romans. Not only because of the destruction and that the Names were only allowed to be pronounced in the Temple. Another reason for using different ways of expressing G – d’s Names is that we simply don’t know the correct pronunciation of Yud – Heh – Vav – Heh. Unless you go with the Christian sect called … Witnesses. People who think they stand above the law and thus do pronounce the Name (Tentragrammton) are called blasphemer. What they do is a Chilul Hashem (Desecration of G – d’s Name).   
In addition to that, Talmud SOFRIM 36b – 37 teaches that it is prohibited to erase various Names of G – d. Documents and books where G – d’s Names appear are usually taken to a Geniza. However, there is one exception: When you see Christian missionary material with G – d’s Names, Jews are obligated to throw this kind of idol – worship material into the garbage. Even if the highest Name of G – d appears in this Christian missionary stuff, it is worth nothing because it is used in the name of idol – worship.
Kabbalistic literature teaches that people misused the Names of G – d in the past. Let us take the generation of Nimrod and the Tower of Babylon as an example. In those days, people were still aware of how to use G – d’s Names and what this activity could cause. Nimrod and his generation were playing around with the Holy Names in order to use them for their own purposes. In the end, they even succeeded in confusing the angels who thought that G – d was speaking to them. The kabbalistic book BRIT MENUCHA is teaching us about this confusion and that people were trying to “play G  -d”.
There are also people today who try using G – d’s Names in order to cause a specific result. I am referring here to fundamental weirdo Christians running around and screaming G – d’s Names. It is very dangerous to do that, as you can seriously get into trouble with G – d and it is always us humans who lose. 

2 thoughts on “Desecrating G – d’s Names

  1. i was fascinated miriam of this write up,,you did really well i was looking at the books online they are very expensive i would love to read further on this subject,,in past years i did read about using teh names of g-d it is said that king soloman knew all of them and used them wisely and that his ring had teh names of g-d as well

  2. B”H

    G – d has more than ten Names. I think think seven or maybe even ten are mentioned in the Torah.

    I always get mixed up with the G – dly Name figures. 🙂

    Through kabbalistic “Kinu’im” (changing around the letters of G – d’s names, letter constellations), G – d apparently has about 70 Names.

    Books in English are very expensive but the Hebrew originals are much cheaper. 🙂 When you look around the Internet, you always have to be careful not to fall for Christian missionary sites. 🙂

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