Terror / Yom Ha'azma'ut / Yom Hazikaron

Palestinians in my neighbourhood mocking Yom Ha’Zikaron siren


Photo: Miriam Woelke

What else can you expect ? The whole world wants to force us into a false “peace” with the Palestinians but the Palestinians don’t even recognize a Jewish State. Let alone Jews, Holocaust or history. Everything they know is to mock and to destroy. People have to follow or recognize their Ramadan but when it comes to Yom Kippur or today’s Yom Ha’Zikaron, Palestinians only mock. At the same moment, they go to the ISRAELI National Insurance (Bituach Leumi) and collect their children’s money and social benefit. In the evening they start riots and scream against Israelis, in the morning they go and get their unemployment benefit from the State of Israel.
Starting last night and continuing until this evening, Israel is commemorating it’s fallen soldiers and terror victims. This memorial day is called YOM HA’ZIKARON. Last night at 8 pm, there was a nationwide siren and when this took place in my neighbourhood, a group of young Palestinians started screaming, laughing and mocking the siren. I actually expected more smashed car windows but the police were on high alert. The same today when, at 11 am, another nationwide siren sound will be heard.
Lets see what my neighbourhood is going through when Yom Ha’azma’ut – Israels’s 67th birthday is taking place tonight and tomorrow. From mourning about soldiers and terror victims, we go straight into joy. Israel is celebrating it’s independence tonight and tomorrow.

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