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Lag ba’Omer & Mea Shearim ?

Last night I was just thinking about the upcoming Lag ba’Omer (33 day of the Omer Counting) and I was shocked: This year, Lag ba’Omer comes out on May 6, which will be next Wednesday. And then, I am having a dentist appointment where I am undergoing a gum treatment. I am expecting the worst but the dentist already told me that I will under anesthesia and won’t feel anything. But who knows and maybe I am still too drugged or whatever in order to make it to Mea Shearim the same evening. 🙂
Otherwise I am going to wish everyone a Happy Chanukkah and wishing myself into Lala Land. This would give Mea Shearim another proof that Ba’alei Teshuva are druggies. 🙂
So, anyway, I will see how I feel and whether I am still alive at all !

2 thoughts on “Lag ba’Omer & Mea Shearim ?

  1. lool miriam dont worry you will live sister lol,,,allthough being under the anestesia is scary,,but the effects should only last a few hours,,i hope you will make it to mea sharim fine and in good spirits allthough i think your gums might be a little swollen and tender,,,b-h you will be ok

  2. B”H

    Well, he actually said “half – anesthesia”. My appointment is at 1pm.
    I hope so too. That I will make it to Mea Shearim. More or less conscious. 🙂

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