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The ZOHAR (Book of Splendor) on Planet Earth

Photo: NASA
Explanation: Why do some places on Earth have higher gravity than others? Sometimes the reason is unknown. To help better understand the Earth’s surface, sensitive measurements by the orbiting satellites GRACE and CHAMP were used to create a map of Earth’s gravitational field. Since a center for studying these data is in Potsdam, Germany, and since the result makes the Earth look somewhat like a potato, the resulting geoid has been referred to as the Potsdam Gravity Potato. High areas on this map, colored red, indicate areas where gravity is slightly stronger than usual, while in blue areas gravity is slightly weaker. Many bumps and valleys on the Potsdam Gravity Potato can be attributed to surface features, such as the North Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Himalayan Mountains, but others cannot, and so might relate to unusually high or low sub-surface densities. Maps like this also help calibrate changes in the Earth’s surface including variable ocean currents and the melting of glaciers. The above map was made in 2005, but more recent and more sensitive gravity maps of Earth were produced in 2011.


Rabbi Zamir Cohen writes in his book THE COMING REVOLUTION – Science Discovers the Truth of the Bible:
The kabbalistic ZOHAR (Book of Splendor) quotes a book written by Rabbi Hamnuna Saba in the times of the Second Temple:
“The entire world and those upon it, spin round in a circle like a ball, both those at the bottom of the ball and those at the top. All G – d’s creatures, wherever they live on the different parts of the ball, look different (in colour, in their features) because the air is different in each place, but they stand erect as all other human being.
Therefore there are places in the world where, when some have light, others have darkness; when some have day, others have night.
There is a place in the world where the day is long and night is short”.
The ZOHAR was written and published by Rabbi Moshe de Leon in 1290 (Spain). Many Rabbis claim that the original author was the Tanna, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, as well as his followers. Others state that the actual author was Rabbi Moshe de Leon using ancient Jewish scripts.
However, it is an amazing that even the Jews at the times of the Second Temple and probably years before knew that the world is round and spinning around it’s own axis. That humans can be found on both sides of planet Earth and that they are different.
Science and Judaism don’t contradict each other and many famous Rabbis used to be scientists such as the Rambam or Ramban, etc. At a time when Jews were fully aware of higher education in astronomy, the church was still excommunicating or even killing Christian scientists for making various astronomical claims during the Middle Ages.

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  1. M. Did you know I’m a De Lone by way of my mother in fact some of our family are in Spain right now looking at old family records.

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