Religious Cults in Israel and the Rabbi Aharon Ramati case

It has been going on for years and leading Rabbis of the Sephardi community such as Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef z”l as well as various Ashkenazi Rabbis have spoken out against the cult run by the Sephardi Rabbi Aharon Ramati.  This morning, Rabbi Ramati and parts of his clan and family got arrested. See photos, a video and further information on Kikar Hashabbat:

http://www.kikar.co.il/169899.html   (Hebrew only !)

Jerusalem’s local weekly “Yediot Yerushalayim” has been reporting about Rabbi Aharon Ramati and his girls – seminary Be’er Miriam located in the haredi Sanhedria neighbourhood for the past couple of weeks. The paper wrote extensively about all kinds of details. In it’s latest edition from May 1, Yediot Yerushalayim wrote details about the conditions of toilets, showers and sinks. The kitchen and restrooms, according to Yediot Yerushalayim, are lacking cleanliness. Everything is run down and there are not enough toilets and showers. All facilities are dirty and should be closed down by the Ministry of Health. Rabbi Ramati, on the other hand, published Pashkevilim claiming that the secular government and it’s authorities are speaking Lashon HaRah. Unfortunately, so the Pashkevilim, even leading haredi Rabbis would join this kind of Lashon HaRah against him, the “holy” Rabbi Ramati.
I don’t know all accusations against him leading to his arrest this morning. He apparently picked up girls and young women who were not in such a stable mental state of mind. I am not saying that this happened to girls of lower intellect. In order to become prey for cults, one can be the most intelligent person but when this person is going through a crisis in life, each of us could fall for a cult. And as the Israeli Center for Cult Victims states in the video below, people don’t tell you right away that this is a cult you are joining. On the contrary, as the process of sucking you in can take a longer period of time without you noticing in. Suddenly you are sucked in and, as soon as outsiders start warning you of the dangers, you are accusing them of Lashon HaRah. I am having these kind of accusation on the blog all the time. Even when a cult leader (in this case RABBIS) turn out to be criminals and are sentenced to jail), it is not them doing something wrong but the police and me. I am the one talking Lashon HaRah but the rapist Rabbi is totally innocent. There are always people sticking to a criminal and justifying him and I am asking myself: Are these people not ashamed of themselves and isn’t it them being of lower intellect ? However, finding the answer is a task for psychologists and not my job. Nevertheless, there are many women getting married to serial killers sitting in jail. Especially women.
The lastest Ba’alei Teshuva Ramati case is, once again, giving a bad name to newly religious Jews. Although Rabbi Aharon Ramati is not a rapist, he seems to be a master of mind control. Separating the seminary girls from their families and forcing them into his own cult ideology. Everything in the name of G – d.
Believe it or not, there are almost 100 of such cults in Israel. Christian as well as Jewish ones. I can only tell Ba’alei Teshuva to look for a decent place to study. Avoid weirdo Breslov Ba’al Teshuva movements or, at least, speak to an independent Rabbi and ask him for recommendations. If you don’t know anyone in Jerusalem, just go to a places like Aish, Machon Me’ir, MIR or Ohr Sameach and ask if they are able to recommend a suitable place for you. They do this even if you don’t intend joining them.


Video: “What is a cult ?” –

Available in Hebrew only !!!



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