Chassidut Toldot Aharon

Chassidut Toldot Aharon and the fingerprints

Last week’s edition of Jerusalem’s local paper YEDIOT YERUSHALAYIM reported about an rather “strange” incident during Lag ba’Omer:
Those Toldot Aharon women who wanted to join the Lag ba’Omer Tish of the Rebbe in Meron apparently had to sign up in advance. Not only putting their down name onto a list but also a fingerprint.
Chassidut Toldot Aharon invested a lot of money in fingerprint technology and they tried it out at the Lag ba’Omer Tish in Meron. Only female Toldot Aharon members were allowed to enter the Ezrat Nashim and in order to make sure that no outsider woman was sneaking in, each female was identified by her fingerprint.
I understand that space in Toldot Aharon is extremely limited. The group has extensively grown in the past decade. New members have joined and families have many children. Young adults get married at the age of 18 and also have a lot of children.
A new Mea Shearim Synagogue was built due to the lack of space. Now they have a few floors used as Ezrat Nashim (women’s side) but the Rebbe’s Tish is crowded and after entering the Ezrat Nashim, the only thing you see is legs and shoes. 🙂 Let alone all those visitor groups from outside squeezing in and occupying lots of space. Thus Toldot Aharon women arriving at the Tish later, have no space at all.
As I said, I understand the problem but I also fear that soon, the Toldot Aharon Tish in Mea Shearim will be reserved for members only. At least in terms of the Ezrat Nashim.

2 thoughts on “Chassidut Toldot Aharon and the fingerprints

    • B”H

      Are you referring to Toldot Aharon ?

      I have three books written by Reb Arele on my bookshelf.

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