Israel's Left / Yom Yerushalayim

Happy Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) !

Photo: Miriam Woelke


Jerusalem is celebrating it’s Jerusalem Day today ! The anniversary of Israel winning the Six Day War in June 1967. A time when the Arab countries, once again, decided to attack the Jewish state. Israel winning was a miracle, as the Arab countries had plenty of advantages. Among others, a much larger amount of fighter jets but Israel succeeded in destroying most of them.
Until June 1967, Jerusalem was divided and there was even a border in Jaffa Road. Half of the city was occupied by the Jordanian army. Including the Old City and the Temple Mount. This, however, changed after the Six Day War and Jerusalem became united. The worst mistake was caused by Moshe Dayan when he returned the keys to the Temple Mount to the Arabs. If Israel had kept the Temple Mount, no one in the world would have protested, as, in those days, our country was highly respected. Now times have changed and the other nations hate Israel and, instead, justify Arab terror.
So, how is Jerusalem celebrating today ?
First of all, there is the traditional March of the Flags taking place. I think at around 4.30 pm this afternoon. Starting at Sacher Park through Bezalel, King George, Keren Hayesod down to the Municipality building. From there through the Arab Quarter down to the Kotel (Western Wall).
And, of course, there was a discussion of the March passing the Arab Quarter in the Old City. The Arabs protested and called the national religious participants in the parade “violent”. Some participants shout anti – Arab slogans or even act in a violent way. On the other hand I have to say that, if it comes to Arabs attacking Jews, our justice system is much more reluctant to act. Nevertheless, the Supreme Court allowed today’s parade passing the Arab Quarter.
Besides the March of the Flags, there will be other festive events all over town. The weather is perfect: Blue sky and 30 degrees Celsius.
The radical left wants to get rid off Yom Yerushalayim. I don’t understand why these idiots don’t move to Gaza and convert to Islam. But between moving to Gaza or enjoying the Israeli democracy is a huge difference. The leftists may have their ideology but when it comes to money and rights, they prefer going with their  democratic “enemy”. All over Jewish history there have been Jewish traitors. Even during the Third Reich some Jews turned other Jews over to the Gestapo because they thought that this way, they stay alive. In the end, all were killed because the Nazis didn’t care. The Arabs don’t care either !
Nevertheless, Jerusalem is enjoying a festive atmosphere today. I am planning on going to the parade and take a few pictures. The March of the Flags is mostly an event for the national religious and, as you know, I am not with them at all. Actually it is a pity because it makes other residents stay away. Instead you find national religious guys in short pants and national religious girls dancing jumping around in a wild manner. I am sorry to say it but to me it rather looks like a Carlebach hippie event. 🙂

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