Nature / Where to go in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem “Gazelle Valley – עמק הצבאים”

Two months ago, a new nature park opened it’s gates in the middle of Jerusalem: The “Gazelle Valley” or in Hebrew “Emek HaTzvai’im”. Please find further details in English HERE !
As far as I know, it is allowed to bike through the park. However, I am planning to give it a try this week. On the other hand, the park may be too beautiful and maybe just I get off the bike and start walking. 🙂 
The Gazelle Valley opens at 6.45 am and closes at 7.15 pm. There is NO entrance free and everyone is welcomed except dogs. 🙂 If you want to take a bus: The 6 and 32 bus lines stop near the park. The exact location is at the Malcha – Golomb – Herzog junction. Right across the ugly Holyland building complex. 




Gazelle Valley Photos:

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