Christian Missionaries / National Religious

Ashkelon under Christian missionary attack


Photo & Article: Yad le’Achim
According to Israel’s anti – missionary organization YAD le’ACHIM, local postal workers in Ashkelon are refusing to distribute Christian missionary flyers. It is not the first time that Christian missionary organizations try sneaking into Jewish households. A few years ago, the same happened in Ramat Gan.
Christian missionaries should get deported right away but, unfortunately, the Likud, Bayit Yehudi, most national religious settlements as well as various national religious Rabbis such as Shlomo Riskin are bought off by Evangelical Christians and others. Riskin is upset because the Chief Rabbinate is causing him problems. At least someone is doing something against a Shlomo Riskin who is running an interfaith Yeshiva in Efrat where he is receiving loads of Christian missionary Dollars.
As long as certain politicians and national religious movements happily accept Christian money, Israel will be flooded with missionaries. It seems like the national religious Jews hate Haredim and favour Christian missionaries. Guess why !

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