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Hebrew Book Week & Jerusalem Light Festival 2015

Israel’s annual Hebrew Book Week is starting at 6 pm this Wednesday evening. Every town has it’s own exhibition location you can look up on the official website
For the past three years, the Jerusalem Book Week took place at the Bell Park but this year, the location will be different. Just like the International Book Exhibition this February, the upcoming Hebrew Book Week is taking place at the Old Train Station. A very nice spot with much more space than at the Bell Park. And also very close to the Bell Park.
As usual, I am looking forward to the Hebrew Book Week where you can find some English books. However, if you don’t know Hebrew than don’t expect too much because it is the HEBREW Book Week. 🙂
The only stand I like to go to is the one from the Zalman Shazar Institute. I still have a lot of unread books on my shelf such as on Sabbatianism, Chassidut Chernobyl or the history of Chassidut Ruzhin – Boyan. Including the Rizhin runaway Rebbe son.
Also on Wednesday, 3 June 2015, the Jerusalem Light Festival is opening it’s gates. The light shows usually start at 8 pm – 11 pm. There will be different locations all over the old city. The best is you start at Jaffa Gate and get yourself a free map from the information desk.
Both events, the Book Exhibition and the Light Festival are free of charge and only take place in the evenings !

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