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Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik & Rabbi Avraham Joshua Heschel on “Interfaith”, Part 1

A few days ago I got hold of a famous book written by Rabbi Avraham Joshua Heschel:
The book contains hundreds and hundreds of pages and it will take me a tremendous amount of time to read it. Not right away but, at least, from time to time. 
I wasn’t particularly searching for this book on Torah principles but was rather preparing a further article on the Talmudic principle “The Torah is not in Heaven“.
What I also found is a great article written by Reuven Kimelman who is describing the relations between Joseph B. Soloveitchik and Rabbi Heschel and the Vatican. The question is “How far should Jews get involved into Interfaith discussions and relations ?
I have a few Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik books at home and they are, among many other subjects, also dealing with the Rav’s opinion on Interfaith. It is an extremely important issue until today. Maybe even more than in the times of Rabbi Soloveitchik, as more and more Jewish institutions are getting deeply involved with various Christian missionary groups. The reason is simple: Money, Money, Money !
Whether it is a Rabbi Shlomo Riskin paid off by Christians, Knesset parties or many national religious settlements, the result is the same: Christian missionaries are trying to buy their way into the Land of Israel and into Orthodox Judaism. Unfortunately, most national religious movements go for it despite the fact that the money is missionary money. However, these national religious Jews think that they take the money and that’s it. What they try to ignore is that Christians always want something in return.
Within the next couple of days I am going to publish an article on how Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik refers to Interfaith. However, “Jewish Israel” already made it very clear why Jews should refrain from getting too far involved. Jewish Israel is mainly referring to Evangelical Christians who are among the worst kind of missionaries. They present themselves as eager supporters of Israel but the truth of the matter is that they have turned into the worst enemies of Judaism. The goal of Evangelical Christians is the destruction of Judaism and turning every Jew into an idol – worshiper. Thus, they think, would cause the second coming of the false messiah J.
The RAMBAM on the “Eternity of the Torah”

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