Chassidut Belz

Tonight: “Another huge Belzer wedding but without Smartphones !”

Photo: Kikar HaShabbat
Tonight at 7.30 pm, a grandson of the Belzer Rebbe is getting married to the daughter of a Belzer Rosh Yeshiva. For a couple of days now, Belz has been practicing the wedding ceremony. The Belzer are organized and everything has to be perfect. Just look at the way they set up the fruit for the Rebbe’s Tish. 🙂
Actually I thought about going to Kiryat Belz / Jerusalem tonight. Kabbalat Panim is at 6.30 pm and the Chuppah at 7.30 pm. However, any smartphones will be forbidden and there is no taking pictures ! Strictly prohibited !
It says that the Machnovke Rebbe may be among the wedding guests and taking a picture of him and the Belzer Rebbe would be a great challenge for me. 🙂 Nevertheless, no smartphones and no pictures.
Anyway, Mazal Tov to Chassidut Belz !
Stamford Hill: Chassidut Belz banning woman from driving

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