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Parashat KORACH – פרשת קרח

Photo: Miriam Woelke

“Vayikach Korach … – And Korach took”


Korach’s rebellion against Moshe and Aharon is more than famous. How can Korach, after all the G – dly miracles, think that Moshe and Aharon are not the right people leading the Jews but him ? Wouldn’t have G – d told him so by Himself ? Why starting the whole rebellion and challenging Moshe with questions ?
Korach had a prophecy (dream) that someone from his family would once lead the Jewish nation and he thought that it was him. However, the prophecy turned out referring to the future where the Prophet Samuel (Shmuel), a descendant of Korach, would lead the Jews and not Korach himself. What Korach didn’t take into consideration is his descendants doing Teshuva (repent).
There are many different opinions about what happened to Korach and his followers after they fell into the abyss underneath them. Are they dead or still alive and suffer because of their sin ?
What we really learn from the Parasha:: None of us should strive extensively for tasks in life he is not meant to have. G – d created all of us with individual tasks in life and none of us is supposed to interfere with someone else’s tasks but should rather take care of his goal in this world. As far as a person is aware of his G – dgiven goal.
We are not supposed to force somebody else to study this and that in the Parasha when his abilities studying something lay on a different subject in the Parasha. Once I arrived for a Shabbat meal at a Rabbi’s house and told another guest that I am upset because I haven’t found the time studying the entire Torah Parasha. The other guest told me that I shouldn’t be upset and only look at other people how much they study. “Concentrate on what you can do and are able to gain and don’t take other people who may have more time as an example. Be happy with what you gain in life and don’t compare yourselves with others”.
Not everyone is meant to be a president, a CEO, or a plumber. It is our task in life to search for our main task given to us by our creator. If Korach had been destined to be the leader of the Jewish people, G – d would have acted that way and not stuck to Moshe.
The same with us: If G – d wants us to be rich and win the lottery, He will definitely cause something that it will happen. The Talmud teaches us that G – d created us with abilities, intelligence and all kinds of future goals. Whether we will be rich or poor. Whether we will be successful or not. Our goal is to find out what we are able to do and be indeed happy with what we gain in life without expressing our jealousy.


This week’s Shabbat starts tomorrow night at 7.12 pm. Shabbat Korach ends at 8.30 pm on Saturday night. Rabbeinu Tam is at 8.59 pm.


Shabbat Shalom

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