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Christian Missionaries in Jerusalem and the lies of Christendom

This is not a matter of being haredi or not but this should be a concern for every single Jew ! Allowing Christian missionaries to gather in Jerusalem or elsewhere in Israel is a disgrace ! Our Mayor Nir Barkat doesn’t care and is only interested in bringing more tourists to Jerusalem. Money is all what counts ! It doesn’t matter whether honest and nice tourists are coming or those whose goal is the destruction of Judaism. And the main goal of Christian missionaries is the destruction of Judaism and every single Jew refusing to convert to Christian idol – worship. Look how hostile even the Vatican is by recognizing a Palestinian terror state.
The Torah teaches us that we shouldn’t get too involved with the other nations but be aware of our G – dgiven unique role in this world. G – d created the Jews and gave them a special purpose in this world. Every nation has it’s purpose in this world but Jews have the power to do Tikkunim (soul rectifications) by carrying out the Torah laws. What G – d definitely doesn’t want in Israel is idol – worship gatherings:,7340,L-4672753,00.html


Rabbi Tuvia Singer exploring problematic church teachings:

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