The metaphysical G – d

Photo: Miriam Woelke

If you are unable to gaze upon the sun, which is a physical entity, surely you cannot see G – d, Who is metaphysical. 

The Maharsha on Chullin 60a

Thus, one cannot claim that G – d doesn’t exist because we cannot see Him anywhere. We can’t even look into the bright sunlight. How then could we see G – d ?

3 thoughts on “The metaphysical G – d

  1. B.H.

    Helllo Myriam, Many thanks. It is very nice your post. The Rambam said something similar in his “Moreh Nevukhim”. A lot to speak, and to write about such issue. I study and spent the days with the Philosophy and Majshevet Israel ( and other items) and your insights about Hasidut I read with interest: Toda rava. Hasidut is no my field bit I like to read people who seems to live it.

    Excuse me .if my comments are not correct or you do not like them.



  2. B”H

    Jewish philosophy is a very interesting subject and I wish had had more time for it. But … I promised myself to read more Rambam and Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik. I once started with the “Halachic Man” and I am planning to return to the subject. 🙂

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