17 Tammuz / Shabbat Times

Shabbat BALAK in Jerusalem

Photo: Parasha Blog
This week’s Torah Parasha is called BALAK.
Balak was the King of Moav and asked the famous Gentile prophet Bilam to curse the Jews. In the end, G – d caused anti – Semitic Bilam to bless Jews.
It will be pretty hot this Shabbat: Approx. 31 degrees Celsius in Jerusalem.
If I will find the energy to go anywhere? I don’t know but I am planning on going to the Kotel (Western Wall). Whether this will be Shabbat morning or Mozzaei Shabbat, I don’t know yet.
Shabbat in Jerusalem is going to start tomorrow (Friday) night at 7.13 pm.
Shabbat end on Saturday night at 8.31 pm. Rabbeinu Tam is at 9.06 pm.
According to the Jewish calendar, this Shabbat is the 17th day in the month of Tammuz. The day when Moshe came down from Mount Sinai carrying the first pair or tablets (Luchot). As soon as he saw the Jews dancing around a Golden Calf, he smashed the Luchot.
Until today, 17th Tammuz is a fast day but will be delayed to Sunday this year. We are not allowed to fast on Shabbat unless Yom HaKippurim is falling on a Shabbat.  The 17th Tammuz  fast begins early Sunday morning and ends at 8.19 pm (Rabbeinu Tam 9.06 pm).
With the 17th Tammuz, we are starting the three weeks mourning period before Tisha be’Av (9th Av). Tisha be’Av stands for the day of the two Temple destructions and is a 25 – hour fast day. Similar to Yom Kippur but it is allowed to take buses or go shopping on Tisha be’Av.

2 thoughts on “Shabbat BALAK in Jerusalem

  1. B”H

    Well, it is enough for me. 🙂 I like it with around 28 degrees Celsius. However, so far, humidity has not reached Jerusalem yet. Last summer was totally humid and we felt like in Tel Aviv.

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