Christian Missionaries

Xtian Missionary Conference in Jerusalem

If I understand this article right, the missionary conference is taking place at the Old Train Station in Jerusalem. Right around from where I live.
It is unbelievable that our municipality and mayor is allowing a gathering of disgusting Christian missionaries in the middle of Jerusalem. Especially under such circumstances where missionaries hand out faked Psalms (Sifre’i Tehillim) to Israelis. Deceit and lies – all this seems to be allowed when it comes to proselytize Jews.
Our government should throw out all Christian missionaries cruising around in Israel and, in addition to that, not allow them to either rent or buy any property. However, it looks like my neighbourhood will be flooded with all these smiling missionary faces. They smile at you and you just know that it is only fake.

2 thoughts on “Xtian Missionary Conference in Jerusalem

  1. It is more than fake its the face of evil it self! Hyam Maccoby wrote the Mythmaker its about how the great blasphemer Paul/Saul created Yahoo’s! -J- You might want to read it.

  2. B”H

    The conference of idol – worship was right next to my neighbourhood but the Christian missionaries kept themselves locked up.

    One should have thrown away the key though ! 🙂

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