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Documentary LEV TAHOR

The video shows a very interesting TV documentary about the haredi LEV TAHOR group.



What the TV documentary misses to point out:
1. Lev Tahor and it’s “Rebbe” are on the Israeli police wanted list. There are many complaints about the leadership such as sexual and physical abuse or kidnapping. A few members and children of members who have escaped filed complaints at the police. The same with a various parents whose adult children ran away in order to join Lev Tahor. As soon as you are there, no contact with your parents is allowed anymore.
2. Lev Tahor is a self – established “chassidic” group consisting of Ba’alei Teshuva (newly religious) who have nothing to do with born Chassidim. My guess is that those Ba’alei Teshuva came from various Breslover Ba’alei Teshuva movements which also have nothing to do with the real Breslovers located in Mea Shearim.
3. All other chassidic group or haredi movements have nothing to do with Lev Tahor and only see them as a bunch of criminals and weirdos. Lev Tahor neither represents chassidic nor haredi society.
As I have said a few times in the past:
It is very sad that there are people looking for a leader and ready to join a cult. Maybe those people have had difficulties in their past managing their own lives. Or maybe some are just naive and believe in what they are doing. Joining a cult seems easy because one doesn’t have to make decisions and take responsibility. A cult leader, here Rebbe Helbrans, makes all decisions and tells his followers what to to and what is right or wrong.
Just look at the six or seven wives of self – appointed  Breslover Na Nach group leader Daniel Ambash. After his arrest, a few of his “wives” wanted to tell the truth to the authorities. I think it was his first wife who started threatening the others and thus all other wives kept quiet and stated that they are still on Ambash’s side.
I have to say that I have women like this commentating on this blog. Especially women who still (after all sexual and money laundering accusations) stick to Rabbi Eliezer Berland who has just fled from Holland.
No matter what a self – appointed Rebbe or self – appointed haredi leader does, it is mostly the women who still stick with him. The guy, and he can be the worst criminal, is right and everyone else such as the police, authorities, courts or myself are wrong. It is us who are guilty and not the criminal himself. You always find this kind of behaviour when it comes to criminals and their female admirers. It is the accusers who are wrong. Sexual abused victims are guilty and not the rapist.
I am not a psychologist but, unfortunately, there are always leaders exploiting people and there are always sheep justifying the bad guy. C’est la vie but I am glad to be among those using their brains.
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