Jerusalem Municipality / Real Estate

Jerusalem doesn’t need a Pyramid !


Photo: Miriam Woelke

Jerusalem’s Municipality has decided that it is time for a new symbol. For the past few years, the newly built bridge at the entrance to Jerusalem had become the new symbol in town. At least according to Mayor Nir Barkat who wants more tourists visiting the Holy City and does anything for attracting anybody.
Now the bridge is not enough anymore and Barkat is looking for something greater. Something bigger and even more representative Jerusalem can be identified with. And what is the Municipality planning ? A PYRAMID for Jerusalem !
We have just left Egypt and G – d took us to the Land of Israel and what is the City of Jerusalem doing ? Bringing Egypt and the symbol of slavery to Jerusalem.
A pyramid 105 meters and 32 floors high. And guess who is going to enjoy this pyramid ?  The wealthy only but not the ordinary Jerusalemites. There will be luxury stores, a luxury hotel, luxury apartments and a luxury restaurant inside the pyramid building. Every ordinary person has to stay outside and is doomed to look at this ugly building.


Photo: MyNet
Now you may ask where this building is going to be located. By the way, construction work has already began !
Well, the photo on top of the article shows you the location of the pyramid: Where Eliash Street hits Agrippas Street. Where the big parking lot is. Right in front of the big building on the top picture.
What Nir Barkat doesn’t understand: Jerusalem only has one symbol called KOTEL (Western Wall) !

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