Chassidut Toldot Aharon

Tonight: “Emergency Meeting in Toldot Aharon”

The Toldot Aharon Rebbe David Kahn is holding an emergency meeting tonight. The elders and leading members (Schejne Yidden) of Toldot Aharon are invited to the meeting which is taking place at the Ezrat Nashim at 9.30 pm.


Photo: Channel 10


The reason is that, for quite a few years, Toldot Aharon Chassidim haven’t paid their monthly contribution to the Israeli Bituach Le’umi (National Insurance). There is a law in Israel that every Israeli citizen has to pay a certain monthly amount to the Bituach. Even if someone is not working.
In case somebody doesn’t pay, Bituach Le’umi can react in a very harsh way. Even with getting the person arrested. So, always make sure that you pay your Bituach. If you cannot do so, go to one of their local branches and talk to them but let them know !
How the system works in Israel is that you pay a monthly amount for your health insurance and another monthly amount for the National Insurance (Bituach Le’umi). The Bituach, on the other hand, pays a firm amount to your health insurance. If you don’t pay the Bituach, they do not forward a certain amount to your health insurance. Meaning that in case you need medical treatment, you may have to pay the bill on your own.
Furthermore, Bituach Le’umi is responsible for unemployment benefit and state pension.
Toldot Aharon doesn’t accept the State of Israel but there are still laws they have to follow. And the Chassidim do enjoy the health insurance of Kupat Cholim Me’uchedet. Every Israeli citizen is free to join the Me’uchedet health insurance and it is not a religious organization but for everyone.
I don’t know for how long Toldot Aharon hasn’t paid the Bituach and whether the entire group is responsible for the missing amount or whether it is each family. It says that the Bituach hasn’t received money from various families for years but, as I said, I cannot tell whether the Rebbe would be paying for everyone or if each family is responsible for it’s own payment.
What I could imagine is that maybe the Rebbe is going to contact Knesset Member Yaakov Litzman (Chassidut Gur / Yahadut HaTorah) in order to negotiate and agreement with the Bituach. But this is just my guess !

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