G - d / Kabbalah

G – d is above human understanding


G – d is the most ancient of the ancient, the mystery of mysteries, the unknown of the unknown.

Idra Rabba / Sefer Zohar – Book of Splendor

2 thoughts on “G – d is above human understanding

  1. Many thanks. It is like perhaps the “Negative Theology” of the Rambam: only to speak about the negative Attributes( to’arim) of G-d
    Shavua tov and many thanks for your posts


  2. B”H

    It really depends on my daily mood. One day, I am super rational just like the Rambam. The next day I am the complete opposite thinking that everybody is able to have a relationship with G – d where intellect doesn’t necessarily plays a role. If everything was only INTELLECT, we would live in a sad world. 🙂

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