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The Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem, Ramadan and Tourism

The Muslim world is celebrating Ramadan and the Israeli government is doing a lot in order to allow Palestinians living in the Palestinian Authority to come to Jerusalem. For weeks I have been seeing plenty of Arab tour buses. Derech Hebron Street is packed with those buses and there are long traffic jams at any time during the day until late at night. Arabs from all over Israel and the Palestinian Authority are making their way to the Temple Mount. Especially for the Ramadan break – fast in the evening.
Lots of Israeli cops are guarding the Old City including the Jewish Quarter. Since Ramadan has begun, Palestinians carried out various terror attacks where Israelis got killed. Let alone all the attacks Jerusalem has to undergo on a daily basis. The international media keeps quiet and only starts reporting as soon as the Israeli army strikes back. On a daily basis, Jerusalem neighbourhoods such as Pisgat Ze’ev, Abu Tur, Armon HaNatziv or Gilo are undergoing Arab terror. Smashed car windows, Molotov cocktails or stones are flying at Jewish pedestrians or into Jewish homes. But what does the Israeli government do ? Try to keep everything “calm” in town. And “smashed car windows” already mean a “calm” situation. This is how used we are to Arab terror !
Yesterday evening I went to the Kotel (Western Wall) and what I saw in the Jewish Quarter were tons of Arabs passing by. As soon as a Jew puts his foot onto the Temple Mount he is being yelled at by a bunch of Arabs but Arabs are free to pass the Jewish Quarter. No one is yelling at them and they just walk along. They are even free to cross the Kotel (Western Wall) Plaza. However, they are not allowed to stand right in front of the Kotel where people are praying. What business would they have to do there anyway ? Islam has nothing to do with Jerusalem and Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the Koran ! Mohammad was never here and all Muslim claims are nothing but a lie.
During the summer months, Israel is usually packed with tourists but this has changed last year due to the war with Gaza. It must be pretty bad for the tourism industry because I hardly saw any tourists strolling through the Old City. Shops and restaurants are basically empty and if there is someone inside, then it is mostly either locals or Yeshiva students from Aish HaTorah or other local Yeshivot. Yeshiva guys, local Jewish Quarter residents, police and Arabs. This s what I saw in the Jewish Quarter yesterday evening. The Arabs being busy with running to the Temple Mount to their Ramadan break – fast.
Photo: Miriam Woelke
The Jewish Quarter Square with the Hurva Synagogue

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