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Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khameini’s latest hate speech



Is History repeating itself ?




No doubt about it ! We live in a time where terror pays off. An Arab terrorist can kill as many people as he likes, he hardly ever gets punished. On the contrary, as the entire Western world is giving in to Arab terror. Today they call it “We have to give Iran and other Islamic terrorist countries a chance”.
Who would have thought that this could ever happen after 9 / 11 ?
Europe, on the other hand, loves the Iran Deal because they keep up economic relations with Iran. Especially Germany has great relations with Iran and prefers to secure jobs instead of speaking up against terror. Another reason for European support is the fear to face severe Arab terror attacks. By supporting countries such as Iran, Europe thinks that this way, they will keep away Arab terrorism.
Iran doesn’t want another chance and the Ayatollahs are laughing about the liberal Western world. I am sure that they cannot even believe it themselves how stupid and naive the world is.

What the international media is mostly trying to hide:

Ayatollah Khameini is still spreading hatred against Israel and the US


Here is the Ayatollah’s speech:


And here are the reactions of the Jewish communities:


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