Creation / Sefer HaBahir

Six days of Creation

Photo: Miriam Woelke
Exodus / Sefer Shemot 31:17, Parashat Ki Tisa
….. in a six – day period G – d made heaven and earth …
כי ששת ימים עשה – six days
Torah translates into other languages, but the original Hebrew version may not indicate the huge difference in translation. And this difference causes an important question:
“Because six days G – d made heaven and earth”.
The scripture does not say “IN SIX DAYS” but rather, “SIX DAYS”.
The ancient kabbalistic Sefer HaBahir (The Book of Illumination) 82 states:
This teaches us that each day of the week has its own specific power.
Other commentaries state that G – d didn’t only create the world during the actual Creation process but Creation is being renewed every single day. When the sun comes up in the morning, we wake up and start our day. Every single moment G – d keeps His Creation alive and He has never abandoned it. Without Him, everything would cease to exist.

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