Reading Sifre’i Koidesh / Jewish books for FREE !!!

If you don’t have a possibility to go to a Jewish library but  still want to read great Jewish books, you can do so online. There is a lot available on various websites and the sites I am recommending here are all free of charge.
First of all there is
Hebrew Books where you can read Jewish books in Hebrew and in English. It looks like the site is run by Chabad because there are so many Chabad books on the online bookshelf. 🙂 Nevertheless, Hebrew Books has a great online collection and you can either read the books online or download them. All free of charge !
The other day I even downloaded Sefer HaVikuach by the Ramban ! 🙂
Another great website is Internet Achive. You type in any book title (even ordinary novels) and the books either pops up or they don’t. Most books are in English but there is also Hebrew and some German and Russian. For instance, if you type in “Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch”, you receive a lot of results in German.
The third free site I would like to recommend is called Sefaria (from the Hebrew word Sifria = Library). Here you can read all kinds of Sifre’i Koidesh and the people running this website keep on adding more and more books.
This is the great side of the Internet: Jews who find it difficult to get hold of Jewish books have the opportunity to study whatever they want. Even from home and without any additional costs.

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