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A few things on Va’etchana

This week’s Torah reading (Parasha) is called VA’ETCHANAN and can be found in Deuteronomy (Sefer Devarim) 3:23 – 7:11.
There are different translations of the word “Va’etchanan”:
Pseudo – Jonathan translates the word as: “I thought mercy”.
Artscroll uses: “I implored Hashem” and Rabbi Hirsch uses “I sought worthiness of favour with G – d”.
In Jerusalem, this week’s Shabbat starts tomorrow night at 7.01 pm and ends on Saturday night at 8.16 pm. Rabbeinu Tam is at 8.53 pm.
This Shabbat is also SHABBAT NACHAMU, the Shabbat after Tisha be’Av.
Three amazing Psukim from Parashat Va’etchanan:
Devarim 4:2
“You shall not add to the word that I command you, nor shall you substract from it, to observe the commandments of Hashem, your G – d, that I command you”.
Devarim 4:27 – 28
“Hashem will scatter you among the peoples, and you will be left few in number among the nations where Hashem will lead you. There you will serve gods, the handiwork of man, of wood and stone, which do not see, and do not hear, and do not eat, and do not smell”.
Devarim 4:31
“For Hashem, your G – d, is a merciful G – d, He will not abandon you nor destroy you, and He will not forget the covenant of your forefathers that He swore to them”.
Reading these Psukim, I don’t understand how any Jew or Gentile is able to misinterpret them. G – d is eternal and so is His Torah. It is forbidden to add or cut out anything.
Rashi states that Diaspora Jews will serve foreign nations who worship gods made of stone and wood. Just like the Muslims (stone) and the Christians (wood) do.
What I also don’t understand is that the church and Christian missionaries seem to ignore the covenant between G – d and the Jewish nation. As if they have taken over G – d’s decisions and falsely claim everything for themselves.

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