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Due to the fire in Duma: “Jews are Outlaws”

It is not the first and not the last time that Israeli settlers are being accused of killing Palestinians. As soon as any Palestinians loses his life, the international media doesn’t hesitate to accuse the settlers. 
Last week, a few houses in a Palestinian village called Duma were burnt down. Apparently due to arson and a graffiti saying “Nekamah – Revenge” was found nearby on a wall. The word was written in Hebrew and immediately the nearby living Israeli settlers from a settlement called Esh Kodesh were accused of arson and murdering a 18 – months – old Palestinian baby who had died in the flames. The police are still investigating and, until this moment, no one knows for sure who the arsonist was. Whether a Jew or a Palestinian. 
It is not uncommon that rivalries start between Arab family clans. I am not justifying anything here and if it turns out that a settler really caused the fire, it definitely is a terrible thing. We should not lower ourselves to Arab murderous behaviour ! 
Nevertheless, we have to wait for further investigation results because what we have now is nothing but speculations. A lot of Palestinians know fluent Hebrew and are also able to write in Hebrew. Thus, a graffiti on the wall is not a proof for a Jewish arsonist.
What I am asking myself is: How can it happen that one or more Jews enter a Palestinian village and no one sees them. Our sad reality shows that, as soon as a Jew does enter a Palestinian village or town, he is “committing suicide” because the Arabs may kill him right away. 
If I went a few meters further down into the Arab part of my neighbourhood I may get my throat cut very fast. So, how can it be that settlers are walking through an Arab village without being noticed ?


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