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Iran still wants to destroy Israel

Who still thinks “Iran wants Peace ?”
At least the New York Post is looking into the newly published book of Iran’s terror leadership:
Barak Hussein Obama is completely obsessed with his Iran Deal that he doesn’t want delicate Details published and is even attacking any kind of resistance such as Republicans. No questions are allowed.
I read somewhere that the Iran Deal includes the statement “In case Israel is going to bomb Iran, the USA has the obligation to punish or even to bomb Israel. I don’t know whether this is true but if so, it wouldn’t surprise me. The world continues to justify Arab terror and, in the end, the United States together with Europe bomb Israel in order to safe the Mullahs. 
It is a terrible reality we live in today and I am asking myself why the world is so stupid and ignorant. The answer is very easy: The United States and Europe have lost it and given in to Islam. It is just a matter of time when the Sharia is going to rule. 

2 thoughts on “Iran still wants to destroy Israel

  1. Oh please i read part of the deal its ni as bad as BB makes it out. Beside Iran all ready bought 6 bombs from North Korea years ago. BB is a war monger who can’t even get the job done. And we gave up that trader Pollard who should rot in hell untill he dies. G-D what do they want? Another wortless war? Thats not jewish

  2. B”H

    It is very Jewish to protect oneself and this is even an obligation from the Torah. Iran is doesn’t hide it’s true intentions and even Hillary has her doubts.

    Regarding Pollard, I agree with you but, on the other hand, Muslim terrorists are being released all the time. Even if they killed a few people.

    The problem is that Netanyahu is giving in to Obama too many times. Otherwise we could have got rid of Hamas a long time ago. Yesterday, Hamas shot a few more rockets from Gaza onto Israeli territory.

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