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Brief Announcement

Photo: Miriam Woelke
Sunrise in Jerusalem
Just a short announcement:
There will be fewer blog posts in the upcoming few days. The reason is that I am busy planning to publish an ebook on Amazon. For non – American citizen, Amazon means a lot of bureaucracy. Especially when it comes to the Tax issue. It is a pain going through all the red tape but, hopefully, this only happens after signing up with Amazon. 🙂
The ebook includes short stories dealing with today’s chassidic and litvishe life in Jerusalem. It is about different characters and their daily lives. The ebook will also be available for download here on this blog.
The first publication is going to be in German but, as soon as the English version is ready, I will let you know. Amazon is providing some great tools and thus, it shouldn’t take too long.
Costs ? The price will be around $1 – 2.

6 thoughts on “Brief Announcement

  1. B”H

    Well, the good news is: I got a Canadian friend who is an experienced editor. So, we are going to sit together asap.

    Regarding the price: Well, it is my first try ever. It will probably be $ 1,99. I think that this is a fair starter price. Having a cup of coffee at Starbucks is probably more expensive. 🙂

  2. B”H

    Pages are irrelevant, as they could be half empty. When it comes to publishing, it all depends on the amount of words ! 🙂

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