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Did the Israeli Police make false accusations in the Duma case ?

Shortly after the fire in the Palestinian village Duma killing an 18 – months – old Palestinian boy, the Israeli police announced that the perpetrators must have been Israeli settlers from the nearby settlement Esh Kodesh. The whole world started it’s regular outcry and our President Ruven Rivlin joined the accusations. As soon as Israelis are being attacked and killed, everyone prefers be silent. 
The truth is that, until today, the police are investigating without having any proof. A few days ago I wrote that investigations should be taken more seriously, as there are a couple of possibilities and not only one. It could have been that settlers set the houses on fire but, this seems rather difficult. Reality shows that, as soon as a Jew put one foot into a Palestinian village, he will find himself surrounded by an Arab lynch mob. So, how then can it be that one or two settlers walk right into a Palestinian village and start setting houses on fire ?
Why did the police refuse to investigate in various directions ? Another possibility could be that another Arab clan set the house on fire and wanted revenge. Everybody should definitely read the latest news on the Duma case:
Here it says:
Arab media reported that the IDF confiscated security cameras from Duma on Monday night. If accurate, the report would raise questions as to why the Arab village is apparently not cooperating with the investigation into the lethal arson.
Adding to the question marks surrounding the case are reports of an ongoing 18-year feud between two clans in Duma. Questions have likewise been raised regarding the claims of locals regarding the arson.
The affected house was located in the center of the sprawling village, and before burning it the assailants burned down an empty home next door. The arsonists had to place the firebombs through the house’s lattice, and according to locals they entered the home and stood over the parents to prevent them from leaving until the entire house was on fire. They also drew graffiti at two places, one with an intricate crown on it, and then made it out of the village on foot.
If the accusations turn out to be false, the world won’t notice it. The judgment was made and the settlers are guilty. No matter what. It is really disgusting how the media and Israel’s left is screaming about every Palestinian but, at the same time, ignoring Jewish victims. We didn’t here another outcry when a young Israeli was attacked a few days ago.

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