Crime / Mea Shearim

Haredim against Gay Parade Killer Yishai Shlissel

I always thought that Yishai Shlissel looks rather strange. Not the typical haredi type but somehow different.
Those of you familiar with haredi society know exactly what I mean.
Furthermore, I have never read anything about Shlissel’s background. Whether he is a Litvak, chassidic or whatever. He just seems to act as true weirdo.
Mea Shearim has published plenty of Pashkevilim against Shlissel and this means a lot:
Until a few years ago, many Haredim used to demonstrate against the Gay Parade in Jerusalem – but with pamphlets and not by using knives. However, the Edah haCharedit decided a couple of years ago, to simply ignore the parade and do nothing. Only a weirdo called Shlissel is freaking out and giving everyone a bad reputation.

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