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Self – publishing from Israel

Israel is famous for being a high tech country but when it comes to smaller and more specific matters, our country can become very much like the Third World. One reason could be that the Middle East is not necessarily known as a peaceful area and thus international companies are too afraid and rather avoid complications. For instance, until a few years ago, Israel was not even included in the Paypal system.
My English ebook should be out by the end of next week. I am meeting a friend tonight and our plan is, uploading the German version of the ebook onto Amazon Kindle. Once we are done with that, the English version will follow.
People who are not American or European citizens have to go through a huge amount of red tape before publishing an ebook on Amazon. The most important issue is “making it clear to Amazon” that you are not an American citizen and thus are not obligated to pay taxes to the American government.
So, I had to make it very clear that I am not an American, that I am not an American citizen living abroad and that I am not acting as an agent. When it comes to this kind of red tape, you have to deal with Amazon in a more personal manner because they don’t accept any Internet forms.
However, once you are through this, it comes to publication, design, uploading and all the small issues. But even smaller things can make you jump ! 🙂
Maybe there are readers who also published on Amazon and can let me know their experience. 🙂
If someone is interested in the ebook and doesn’t want to go through Amazon, I can send out a PDF file and payment can take plays via Paypal. In any case, the price will be $ 2,99.
The ebook itself is about the Ultra – orthodox society in Israel. What does it mean to be Ultra – orthodox and how do people live ?

2 thoughts on “Self – publishing from Israel

  1. B”H

    The German version is already online*Version*=1&*entries*=0

    The English version should be out next Friday and I hope that I can manage everything with a friend helping me. She does translation checks and editing and then we upload it into Kindle Direct Publishing.

    For those who don’t want Amazon, I will also put out a PDF file.

    So, hopefully we get everything done next Thursday night. 🙂

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